Can you double cleanse if you have acne-prone skin? #skincare

Of course I'm going to double cleanse I Fully believe that even if you have acne Prone skin you can benefit from a double Cleanse it's just about finding the Right cleansing product I have not used This before it is from Curel I got this In PR it's their makeup cleansing oil It's a pretty straightforward cleansing Oil the main ingredient is mineral oil I Really think that even if you have acne Prone skin as long as there are Surfactants in the cleansing oil or Cleansing balm that will help it to Rinse off your skin and you go in with Your second cleanse it's actually better To be very gentle with your skin but I Realize that you know opinions vary on This and also what I'm dealing with is a Little bit different it's not really due To oily skin it's more hormonal for me So I'm just going to massage a little Bit I don't have a lot of makeup on some Mascara I'm gonna emulsify it And then go in with my second cleanse I'll bring back

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