Food I am taking to Portugal after one month at home🍎

I've just been spending three awesome Weeks with the family in Slovenia and These are the foods that I'm taking to Portugal with me one package of these Seed crackers I've been eating them a Lot while I've been home and I'm taking One as a souvenir two packs of my Favorite chocolate lots of these because I cannot get this in Portugal where I Live and I also got them at really nice Price so I stocked I'm loving this Cleanse and feel new teeth and I also Want to try this one I ordered this one From iherb for some reason they don't Want to deliver them in Portugal but They have no problem delivering to Slovenia and then I just got one package Of this dandelion root tea I saw this One in a grocery store the other day and I wanted to try it out this is basically A flour mixture you just add water and You can make your own bread I really Like the ingredients it's made out of Seeds and nuts lastly I'm taking a ton Of supplements because ordering Supplements to Portugal can sometimes be A bit tricky well on the other hand it Goes super smooth when ordering things To Slovenia oh and I also took with me Some chestnuts and apples that we picked In the Alps

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