How much a haircut costs in Slovenia?๐Ÿ’‡

Morning you guys we're back from the Alps and today I'm going to the Hairdresser currently rocking this low Bun but I'm going to show you how my Hair looks before when I'm on the way And I also wanted to show you my outfit I'm wearing my new shorts some old white T-shirt I don't know if it's warm or It's cold outside the weather is just Super confusing at the moment so I just Grabbed this pink sweatshirt and Currently I'm just wearing it around my Waist Okay I'm on the way this is the before Like that and let's see the after And here is the final result she also Curled it a bit made a little braid it's Cute so this is the front here is the Back simple but I like it So if you're wondering how much this Kind of hair trim costs in Slovenia I Paid exactly 35 Euros

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