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7 Tips For A Better-Looking, Longer Lasting Manicure

This article isn’t a step by step guide to the perfect manicure; rather it’s a list of tips that will help your manicure look better. Not only will following these tips help your manicure look more professional, you’ll also learn how to get your polish to dry faster and last longer – and improve your nail’s health to boot!

Learn How To Fix These 4 Common Makeup Mishaps

Learning to put on makeup and playing around with different looks is fun, but we’ve all had that time where we went a little too heavy with the blush or bronzer. Fortunately, there are some tricks for fixing makeup mishaps without having to start all over. Let’s take a look at them in this article…

Refresh And Rehydrate Dry Hair With These 5 Tips

Your hair is susceptible to becoming dry and lifeless, regardless of the season. Follow these simple tips to help revive your dry hair and keep it healthy and hydrated…

6 Secrets to Loving Your Look

Women are often frustrated with their look, sending them on the hunt for the very best beauty secrets to help them look and feel better. The top secret to looking better starts with feeling better. Read this six secrets to learn more about how to love your look.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are an ugly site. Here are some proven natural ways to get rid of them.

All You Need to Know About Circle Lenses

That right look to get into the hearts of those around you, and make a memorable impression, is sometimes difficult to achieve. People try many things just to get that look, but it does not always succeed. One option that could change everything and provide people with a stunning, head turning look is circle lenses.

Oh! The Changes My Hair Has Seen!

As life changes around us, the styles and colours of our hair change with it. Our crowning glory reflects changing fashions, our blind faith in our hairdresser and our own self-esteem. The men in our lives can only look on sometimes with pleasure, sometimes with fright and sometimes pretending that they have not noticed anything different. Read on for the ups and downs in the story of my hair and see if you relate to it.

Hair Removal 101 – Laser Hair Removal – Is It Right For You?

Laser hair removal is probably the most coveted treatment to remove hair. It’s even tagged as the holy grail of hair removal methods. It’s effective, it’s fast, and best of all it’s permanent. A lot of women wants to try this treatment to end their lifelong battle with unwanted hair. But, the question is, is laser hair removal right for you? Like any medical procedure, laser hair removal has its share of risks. It is very important to weigh its risks before taking the plunge. If you’re thinking of undergoing laser, you might want to read these information first so that you’ll have an informed decision. Here are some of them.

So Do You Have ‘Good Hair’?

Do you have Good Hair? We discuss the origins of the mythical ‘Good Hair’ and how the tide maybe turning.

The Secret to Looking Good Is in Your Kitchen!

Are you good looking? Stay that way! You may try beauty products, expensive wardrobes, and the Gym, but you also need to eat! Follow these 7 simple tips to develop a nutritious diet that helps you look your best.

What Is a Fashion Fit Model?

Fashion fit models are people who work behind the scenes, trying on clothing as it is being designed and manufactured. They fall into five categories – petite, missy, junior, plus and contemporary, and measurements are taken from bicep, thigh, hip, waist, chest and bust.

What You Need To Know About Brazilian Wax

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal technique which removes the hair from the root. It is great for removing unwanted hair in your eyebrows, bikini area, legs, back, feet and abdomen. Waxing has many types, and each type is suitable for removing specific hair types.

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