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Okay hi Hello guys [Music] Oh yeah hello people Welcome back to my YouTube channel this Is hadidi makeovers as you can see I have with me here Salma Feloma popularly known as Beauty games can you see how beautiful She is people should just keep changing Oh my God oh my gosh Is that the idea like that's the idea Behind your name God yes what's your Idea just keep gazing at every Beauty You see all not only your own not only Mine actually okay so can you tell me Your full name My name is Salma but that's not the name I was giving you it was salamat but in My secondary school I like don't like People calling me with salamas I feel It's so long so I just shot it so now Or you're trying to be pushed yeah She's our slay Queen before she got Married ah I'm not my snake Okay I'm not A slim mama you can see yeah she's a Slimmer man it's a baby boy Okay so let's do this We will continue we're going to be doing Our makeup today and we are asking her So many questions you guys get to know Beauty games through this Are you excited not really why because Everybody is not going to know me in and

Out ah like how like you don't want People to know you And you know Ocean let's see what we get out of this Makeup so as you can see I'm very Comfortable I love doing her makeup I Don't know if you guys have seen me do Her makeup I don't have it for several Times like I love her skin don't be Deceived in this photo she only has Sports let's say that's what he does There but her face is it's once in a While actually you will see sports today Tomorrow no sports that's how my skin is Foreign So let's start What's your name Okay we already said the name right yeah But I didn't say it's full okay My name is Okay So let's see what's your relationship Status please I am happily married Alhamdulillah you guys have seen her Husband now Yeah he's also okay let me not see Anything so that it looks like I am To say things he's also No social media yeah he's also popular The way she's also popular when they Leave their wedding ah we were seeing These on social media I have to go and Buy that back so

Um I guess she was popular he is popular Oh she's popular She's popular and he's also popular Now let's see Um what's your birthday Can you tell me your birthday last week October 17th you celebrated your Birthday I didn't celebrate it but it Was my birthday I was on a road trip Actually to Abuja on my birthday last Week October 7th I was born October 7th Okay you don't want to tell us your Interview Why let's see So you Salma is busy just in us about Her life Okay So after we've known your birthday to be October 7th 7th of October Do you have any other skills I know You're a makeup artist But do you have any other skill other Than being a makeup artist Well I don't think so why it's just makeup I Don't have any other skill oh yeah so Let's move on Um so guys if you see me turning my Balcony somewhere else I have actually Have the questions written down so I Don't want to be distracted and I don't Want you guys to be seen as if I'm Running maybe let me just remove that

Page And see if you're going to if you can Handle it like this Um Okay so we've already asked her if She has any good talents she does not Have any other than makeup you have Talents Abby Okay let's say dancing it's not Everybody that's seeing me dance before The world ah you can dance so there's One video on Instagram without my video On yourself Even the new pay one you remember when We used it We even used it as a sticker no I swear On what happened Your picture that's what I did your Makeup it's a speaker on WhatsApp my mom Sent it to me I was like what really how Are you supposed to be getting paid for This one I swear someone someone used it Someone used it as a speaker my mom sent It to me I was like what wow who is this Okay so do you have any favorite things That you like Green So Apart from wake up again [Music] It's a new thing actually that I Developed since I give birth Just you know Looking at my son while he's sleeping Is the talent Is that an upset

You are obsessed so upset no that's not Bad it's actually The Lovable mother and Yeah that's how it is we're supposed to Do that it is something I like doing now Always always checking on him when he's Sleeping like staring at him Sometimes when I have nothing else to do But when I have something else do I go And do it another five minutes I'll be Back to check again why Like What do you like I don't know If you didn't punch that one the local Like you know the question comes with What Is it we what like the first Almighty Comes with more combinations Egg I know local one only one the only One that comes with my daily nothing Else is the one I like you don't want Anything That comes with Cabbage Tomatoes Um let's say sometimes they even go as Far as boiling egg yes I really like balls if I can get the egg Fried How do you like me Prepared Do you like it And vanished I know But you keep saying those things why

Because my mom is a girl But you're not supposed to be entitled To him I don't know yes originally you Are from Pizza I know but but the adult Blood runs in me more than looking Yes but you know your finances Have you seen my sister Like I know no Lupe has yellow yellow People well my beauty Yes I am beautiful comes from my mom and My mom is edu really yes I know your mom Is ready It's not from movie from Edo just Believe it accept it So I'm going to jump into the makeup Part guys but we are going to be trying To ask her more and more personal Questions first Then we will see how It goes Um okay so after not liking Sports Do you what's your favorite song what's The category of song you like is it India or you like new best songs do you Like how sad you like English or let's Say Edo music English actually and then Maybe I like movie songs no wait the English Part is Like Nigerian songs okay Yeah my country I don't go far from There so you don't know say Ed Sheeran So yeah I know them but I don't really Listen to their songs like how I I

Listen to our Wizkid Um Davido I used to be a very big fan of Korea developer anymore why oh okay Because you're married yes Okay so next is um can you sing You know What do you want me to sing for you A big song The Best Song of course let Me test your ability let's see if you Know if you can play it I can Go with it I can mine but I cannot sing It on my own because why Okay Yes but when I'm listening to it Okay so We will be talking about the makeup part Now So As a makeup artist I guess you have a studio [Music] Where is the location Change So if you guys want to go follow her on Instagram her name is beauty game the Name on Instagram is Empire book yes That's the makeup Paint the makeup is the makeup um While the personal page is beauty yes Okay so I'm going to be asking her more Questions on makeup And um let's see if you have questions For me too you can ask Like anything I'm doing okay so so I

Don't mind answering you because it's Your face if you don't like something You can just cook There's nothing I don't like about your Meatballs oh Actually I was a YouTube fan so I Watched a lot of YouTube videos and then I started getting my sister actually She went to a makeup school she had the Intention of doing makeup but then I Didn't even have the intention of doing Makeup it was clothing line I started Including line so my sister dropped the Makeup and I decided to pick it up So when she dropped it I picked it up And I started washing a lot of YouTube While learning by myself I bought the products in like Brushes foundations and then I was doing It on my face Always on my face sometimes I would do Rubbish my sister will say it is rubbish And I'll say and that's how I will learn I will continue makeup videos on my page All the time and that's how I even Started getting popular with my makeup Videos until I started doing it more and More and my mom was like why won't I do This as a business he was like no it's Only for just my face [Music] [Music] Yes I'm going to start I'm I'm starting or

Let me even say I have started Okay so if you guys want to show your Ankara I suggest you can she wears Unique unique Styles you've seen her Videos that once you standing because You see find myself yeah so if you guys Really want to know how she does that She can just get your orders and um Go and sew your clothes for you don't Worry leave the styles on me I can even Take care of yourself looking at your Body should know what you want yes so You are motivated to start doing the Makeup then I started being motivated There's a story behind it though but I'm Not going to say it why personally Let's keep that one so I started doing The YouTube video I started YouTube Video actually too you have a YouTube Channel yes I have a YouTube channel but I changed it but it is still on YouTube If you check it you will see some of my YouTube videos makeup YouTube videos But now I created a new channel so I'm Going to start blogging on a lot of Things on it that was when that's how I Learned then my mom said I should start Doing it as a business so my sister got A shop then a saloon so I decided to Have my sports For makeup for makeup like Okay She got she got this for me and I Started doing it

I can see you love your sisters how many Sisters do you have you please I don't Want to do Pasha here oh how many Sisters do you have actually my mom to My mom I have four sisters okay but I Have stepsisters okay yes so how many Are they in total all in all 10. Then my brother's five Hello who have you been wow okay so Let's continue Um about the makeup part yeah So what do you like more most about Makeup is it the eyes So I hate the eyes Why I love your list favorite part yes I Hit the eyes but I love Um concealing Now [Music] Than one baking Why do you like highlighting because There's this Um I don't know how to say it I don't actually know how to say it to Be honest but there's this beauty In highlighting I'll tell you I like I really am yes it Pops out the makeup so well that's where I always concentrate on when I'm doing My makeup I like it And then baking I like leave so most especially when I See someone that has this V

Uh yes I like him yeah I don't like Being my least favorite part is I don't really like being bro Me too I forgot that I don't like doing Brows I wish I wish they'll bring out This Is Yes Because there's this um Brown things That okay okay Foreign [Music] [Music] Well can I mention two people because I Just can't Differentiate between the two of them Mentioned Oh yeah one is reasonable oh I love no I love racing girls makeover Okay I have to mention your name because I do Love your makeup I played in Nigeria and then either in Nigeria yeah I'm in Nigeria than me [Music] Yes I am I was into modeling a lot I love mood And it was especially clothing modeling [Music] Anymore Okay This one that you've been mentioning Your husband we don't even have

Certification about your husband why do You have anything to say about your Husband right now you know he's going to Watch this video yeah yeah he will watch He will watch he's on Instagram he will See if he will watch Well My husband Yeah smiling dude what is it He's funny that's why I'm laughing okay Your husband is a very funny man Actually very very funny man caring and Loving very very supportive Anything that has to do with my makeup Business he is there standby 100 he's Not moving to anywhere he must see that When I was when you got the shop for me Actually he was there you know different Currency yes you know there is this kind Of men that they will open the shops at Home They've already opened the shop for you Then go and take care of it but I said No that was my mistake What happened what happened and whenever I come back home from the shop we ask Questions Okay what happened in the shop today What did you do in the shop today or if I have an advert I'm supposed to do let Me tell you guys this Secret I'll be like I want to do this adventure Shout let me finish it let me go you'll Be like no that's not going to be a good

Idea I should settle down calm down and Do this like he tries as much as Possible to stop support me so that I Won't do it wrongly no okay just because This person didn't pay much I should not Say I will not do it for the more I do It to work for her someone else will see Seeds on my feet Even more than you wish and also she Does influencing jobs she doesn't do Anything so she's a very supportive Person I understand Okay so what's the next question Do you know what I love About you when you're doing your makeup The concentration Well meal like me now if I'm doing my Makeup I get Um interrupted one like easily easily Interrupted But then being with you and the fact That we've done a lot of makeup with you I could see how you can never get Interrupted when no I don't you don't Get distracted at all no no matter there Was a day I was doing something to you It was actually intentional to get you Distracted but you know you were so Concentrated Madam this is my source of Income I don't work am I all use also of Look up so I have to do it like I have to I want to be like you when I Grow up

When I grew up now [Music] Be like you Own a big Beauty Palace You don't be like me or you'll be more Than me hey if I am like yourself [Music] And there's this About you are so supportive again very Supportive yes yeah because after Stopping this makeup business I did you Were one of the reason why I Want to continue [Music] Yeah I am happy Okay so you're telling me how you feel About me do you know how I feel about You actually I don't I love you I love you so much You know I call you sometimes and I'll Be like how are you yes you do that you Check up on me and that's because maybe You have my mother's thing I think oh [Music] Nice one I check up on you and I want to See how are you feeling Um [Music] I always try to draw people I have never Seen I have never seen Um a person that my husband is so okay Comfortable with when I say I'm going to Her place like he doesn't care I should Go really

I get that a lot yes I get that a lot I Am a good influencer it doesn't change Like yeah people like me especially Parents yes yeah me I have trained Students I don't know am I supposed to be Bragging about this it's not brag It's not rag you're happy I know it's Not bad I'm actually proud You should be proud I beg if I if I'm You okay So I actually I love it when I um when I See people down like I don't like seeing Down yeah I don't like it I don't like When people are not motivated to do Anything I try to jump in and I'll be Like sometimes I will be meeting as if I Am um I am proposed you know yeah yeah What do you mean but it was just good I I know a lot of people that talk about You being their role model Motivation Like yes how yeah I'm not doing that I love it when people Want me to support that I love being People support system you can lean on me Me I'm going to stick with you forever I Love you for that some people are even Jealous some people jealous people Behind you camera some people tell us me Because Barbie doll okay there's this thing About the skin If you want your skin work to come out

Very well you need to it's from the skin Prepping Everything comes from the preference Like what you see when I was prepping This thing when I was prepping you know Do you know why he's interrupting my Video yes because His mom is looking like like this is the Concealer I used it on you now but you Were talking about I did not it did not Get dry it was like So this is the Khalifa concealer So we are done with the skin work we did The browse of camera I'm going to be Using the Khalifa Cosmetics Um concealer in the shade Khalifa cosmetics UEFA and Obama these are the two Lightest shoes you have right those are The two lighter Shades so I'm going to Using the darker one on the inner part Of the brows As usual Yes So I'm using the lightest color Lightest shade On the browser So guys can you see this see how cute The eyebrow is looking it's from the Eyebrowser Cosmetics yeah Okay so I'm going to do the next browse Off camera so we'll see how it goes So the next question I'm going to be Asking are beautiful games here is

[Music] And people want to hear Let's see how it goes I met him at my studio actually Um I I used my shop Okay when the first Studio yeah the First Studio okay He was downstairs and I was at the Balcony of my shop So you don't saw a fight mode which fine Boy he thought he saw a fine boy hey are You a shook to your bones I thought you were you adding a song From Maggie inside this one No don't make his head big [Music] Downstairs and I was upstairs he saw one Korean beauty one eye Fair beauty ah Find him And he couldn't resist it I know on his One of his friends is also like in our Plaza so he called me to come downstairs So I went downstairs and I greeted all Of them they were like five of them Yes so I went to see yes But I greeted him my husband was like You know the joke Is that what he said that was what he Said she was a fine girl and I know he Didn't have to sing I already didn't Know because I was wearing one Palace And And actually I was looking at that time Do you know for you to remember

Everything because You remember everything I can say Everything from the first day I met this Man to me today I know everything the clothes he wears The clothes I wore I remember everything Me I'm just that kind of a person Why you deciding this money she said for Him first I am telling you different for Him You wouldn't have remembered some bad You even remember I remember No no no no no no no I don't know what You want what I thought I know the Picture because the picture is on the Stage of Instagram so all the time when I see the picture I used to like Remember that We met October 19. My birthday is October 7th and his Birthday is October 12th So we never do that I think I remember I Just finished making Five people up Daddy I I could remember I was very tired so I just came out to a Rest Oh [Music] Then you collected my phone And then he He called my own like he dialed his Number on my phone And got my number

So it was on a Sunday when he called And then he remembers the day he called Every day yeah [Music] So classy girl as I was and I was like No And I couldn't So it was on a Monday and And called me early in the morning we Always First on this Monday evening I don't Know why but me I'm very sure that he Called first because I was doing a Makeup tutorial with my with my friend Then my phone rang so I had to end that Tutorial Cold Okay after the beginning he's called he Asked me where I am and I told him I'm At the shop he said Is that the bank close to our shop so he Will come and I was like I'm busy now at The shop so he can come later so he Asked me who is to take me home I was Like my mom comes back from the office Then she brings the shop and then she Picks me up I have to do that for you I told my mom To go Nah I'll come back on my own and he came and Picked me up and then there's this Coincident that we were going to the Same wedding He came for his friend's wedding and I

Was getting ready for my friend's Wedding and unfortunately it's the same Wedding we were going to see the bride Is your friend [Music] Went to the wedding together We soon laid the wedding together Without letting people know that we know Each other [Music] He had to tell people that you know Because he saw how other guys were like Eating at me now yes yes I love that Well that's how we met too October 19 2019. as you guys can see we've already Heard their meeting story and he wants Their Ending Story to be best to better Do us part insha Allah and as you can See we have one product yes she's busy Crying now moving The cutest thing in my life Okay let's see I'm going to show you Guys later after the makeup is done we Are going to be showing you their Products scenario product So I'm going to be telling you guys About that so let's quickly finish up The makeup and where we are on the lips I'm going to go back to you guys I don't Want this video to be very long because You want it to be because you want it to Be a little bit

Um not very short we wanted to hear the Gist and everything so I'm going to be Skipping some parts of the video so you Guys should stay tuned and we'll go back Now now again so let's see [Music] Thank you foreign [Music] So now we are going to be going as far As I'm doing the hair tie I'm going to Show you a little tutorial on how we tie This we are going to design this very Small hair type so I'm going to use Something cute on her least less Well it's my favorite Okay what's your favorite type of dress Like favorite type of Life the ones I Like my husband sweets Really I loved Um not native English English words I love jeans but he doesn't like jeans Well I love it But I love it But then I then Gown like this material gowns yeah For now we have to be so include that Zip They must Okay let's see So you're going to be brushing down the Back of the hair like this one ouch Sorry Okay so we are done

With the makeup Let's fix the dress This I don't know So do you love your makeup yeah I don't Even have to look at myself [Music] From the rest of people are looking at Me behind the camera ah oh Survival yeah Beauty games a handle on Instagram is at Beauty underscore beauty games Underscore Beauty base while her makeup Channel her makeup page on Instagram is GTA games So you guys should go follow her and she Said she just mentioned earlier that she Has a YouTube channel yes and she's also Going to continue her YouTube channel so Everything I'm beat on what you want to Know about her she's going to do her own YouTube channel so advice you guys to go And watch she has so many contents to Give us yeah Oh plenty plenty almost too much Involved I'm cold I'm going to get the Um So let's see how it goes I love you guys So much this is makeovers I want you Guys to watch this video like comment And also don't forget to share my videos This is how they give me a bubbles right Here I'll see you guys next week bye [Music]

Thank you Foreign [Music]

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