What’s the best treatment for #dandruff? I asked #dermatologist @DrSamEllis!

People that say they have dry scalp Probably don't you're blowing my mind Right now yeah it's dandruff generally Dandruff and then there's something kind Of more intense than dandruff which is Called severic dermatitis which is Essentially an inflammatory reaction to Yeast on the scalp so yeast live on all Of our bodies and everyone has it some People have a little bit more or some People's bodies just a little bit more Reactive to the yeast that they have on Their scalp and it creates this Low-grade inflammation but that by far And away is the most common cause of Symptoms of a dry scalp so what are some Of the things that you can do for that When people have this yeast overgrowth There are certainly shampoos out there That can help decrease that burden so Ketoconazole is the medication that we Typically prescribe although you can get It over the counter in a one percent Formulations generally known as Nizer All tons of people use it tons of people Like it the one thing that's so Important when you're using shampoos Like that though is that you actually Let it sit on the scalp for long enough To be effective

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