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How To Get Straight Hair

Are you tired of your curly, frizzy and unruly hair that never stays in place? Or are you tired of your old look, old hairstyle and ready for a change? Either way, hair straightening is a great way to take control over those unruly curls, and give you a whole new look at the same time.

What Is a Hair Sculpture?

Hair sculpture: Translates to the arrangement of fibers (lengths) across the curve of the head. How those fibers are styled becomes the design, trend or personality of the individual. This article shows an overview of what a hair sculpture is, and how a hair stylist can find the bend point in the hair based on what type of hair the client has.

Hair Care Services – Employ The Best Professionals

Are you looking for a professional hair dresser? Here are some great tips to keep in mind when looking for a professional to take care of your hair.

Three Times You Absolutely Must Wash Your Face

Well, looks like you did it again. That is, you came home after a late night out, flopped into the center of the bed and didn’t wash your face before falling straight to sleep.

Tattoo Numbing Cream – Shed The Fear Of Piercing Needles With The Use Of This Magical Solution

In the older times, the use of tattoos was seen to be reserved for people belonging to special groups. Bikers were especially the group of individuals who always wanted to have their bodies tattooed for showing allegiance to their gang.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Fooled By These Bad Habits!

Your mother probably told you not to pop your pimples, and you probably ignored her. However, like most things, mom knew what she was talking about! You need to read the following tips to discover how some bad habits might be ruining your quest for beauty.

How to Choose a Good Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

While there is no known cause, psoriasis is assumed to be a combination of environmental and genetic factors that cause rapid skin cell reproduction which results in dry, red patches of thickened skin that develops into scales and flakes. It is usually found on the scalp, knees and elbows. Severe cases can cover a person’s entire body.

Care For Your Eyes, Secure Your Vision For Life

Eyes are a very important part of our human body and it is very essential that we care for them. Many people struggle with poor vision and don’t bother going to the doctor to get themselves checked.

5 Key Questions to Ask in Hair Salons

If you’re seeking out local hair salons to get a new cut, you’ll want to make sure you get the style you’re looking for. Here are some important questions to ask your stylist.

The Numerous Benefits of Vitamin E on Skin

The skin is the largest organ of our human body. It is responsible for protecting our internal organs which are sensitive to the external environmental conditions. The state of skin is an indication to one’s health.

The Price Of Beauty – Prepare To Be Shocked

Hey, I understand – women love to shop for clothes. I know, as I’ve seen a lot of guys sitting in the corner of a shop looking bored and fed up watching their partner’s 10 bags of shoes and dresses!!

Breast Augmentation – Duration of the Procedure

General anesthesia is used for breast augmentation surgery and it is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Typically, the surgery may take around an hour or so.

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